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The HCES kindergarten classes gathered on Thursday, December 12, to celebrate Hanukkah together. Maddie’s mom, Rebecca, has shared a wonderful description of this cultural enrichment classroom event—including Bryan’s baked latke recipe, dreidel instructions and other resources. Happy Hanukkah!

The HCES kindergarteners had an amazing time celebrating Hanukkah with both classes on Thursday. Maddie’s mom Rebecca told the story of Hanukkah, we ate some Hanukkah foods fried in oil (Laktes made by Libi’s dad Bryan and donuts), sang a song with Asher’s mom Brooke, learned about and decorated the dreidel with Audem’s mom Moran and had lots of other parents there helping us celebrate including Alma’s dad Boaz, Tres’s dad Marciano and both of Alyson’s parents Melanie and Eric (apologies if I forgot someone). Your kids got their dreidel and some Hanukkah gelt (chocolate coins) to take home, and we also sent home the instructions for how to play dreidel. Your kids did great at learning the letters, including that dreidels inside and outside of Israel have different letters on them. In Israel it stands for A Great Miracle Happened Here and outside of Israel it stands for A Great Miracle Happened There.

Here is some more info about Hanukkah:


The story of Hanukkah:

Here are the dreidel directions:

Here are some great Hanukkah books:

Here is Bryan’s baked latke recipe:

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