Mosaic is the K-12 PTA organization serving the entire Hunter College Campus Schools community.

We are a parent committee promoting diversity, inclusivity, equity, fluidity, affinity, allyship and intersectionality. Our goal is to have the important conversations surrounding these issues to increase mutual understanding and deepen the community engagement within our school and in the greater society.

Do you still have questions about Mosaic? Send us an email.

2022-2023 Mosaic Co-Conveners:

Nicole Hindman (Kaya, 10th Grade)

Roseanne Ciparick Almanzar (also HCHS PTA Co-President & ALHFA Co-Chair) | Joseph (HCHS, 9th Grade) & Carla (HCES 5th Grade)

Mariama Duncan | Ruby (HCHS, 8th Grade)

Andrew So | Brandon (HCHS, 7th Grade) & Cameron (HCES, 2nd Grade)

Rachel Dozier-Ezell (also POCA Co-Chair) | Keaton (HCES, 6th Grade)

Elizabeth Clay Roy (also PAAC Co-Chair) | Ameya (HCES, 4th Grade)

Lauren Estigarribia | Tres (HCES, 4th Grade)

Jamal Swift | Sadie (HCES, 3rd Grade)

Melanie Grace Lawrence | Isaiah (HCES, 1st Grade)

HCCS Affinity Groups:

Asian-American Alliance (AAA)
AAA is a group for families of Asian heritage (and friends) at Hunter.

Association of Latin and Hispanic Familias y Amigos (ALHFA)
ALHFA (pronounced AL-fa) is a group for families of Hispanic/Latin heritage (and friends!) at Hunter.

Chinese-American Parents Association (CAPA)
CAPA (pronounced CAP-uh) is a group for Chinese-American families at Hunter.

Jewish Affinity Group (JAG)
JAG (pronounced JAG) is a group for Jewish families at Hunter.

Korean-American Parents Association (KAPA)
KAPA (pronounced KAY-pa) is a group for Korean-American families at Hunter.

Parents of African-American Children (PAAC)
PAAC (pronounced PACK) is a group for African-American families at Hunter.

Parents of Children with Accommodations (POCA)
POCA (pronounced PO-ka) is a group for parents whose children have accommodations, usually through IESPs and 504 plans, due to disabilities both visible and invisible.

South Asian Affinity Group (SAAG)
SAAG (pronounced SAG) is a group for South Asian families at Hunter.